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PCT Day 9: Crater Lake

Pacific Crest Trail Box score

Days hikes: 8 Days left on first segment: 7 Miles hiked: 131 Avg. Per day. 16.4 Percent of journey completed: 29.8

Arrived Friday afternoon at Crater Lake, right on schedule in our quest to get to Elk Lake by Aug. 5. Sorry for the lack of reports but because of snow obscuring trails we’ve been needing to use the iPhone for navigational purposes and that sucks up a lot of battery. Also, no cell coverage since Monday. This is the largest roadless area on this side of the state; we last crossed a road 48 miles ago. We’re in no man’s land. (written before crater arrival).

When we left that road, Hwy 66 between Medford and Klamath Falls, a backpacker heading south on the Pacific Crest Trail asked where we were headed. When I said the Oregon-Washington border she cringed. “We were trying to do the same thing but had to turn around at Devil’s Peak. Too much snow. 7,000 feet. Cliffs. We nearly died. ”

Not a big confidence builder. The peak was 28 miles away but we decided to at least look, even though we were thinking we might need to return if it was too dangerous. PCT hikers camped near the peak said four had gotten over it and four had turned around.

We left for it at 530 am today. Though there were some tricky spots we found it safer than either of us had expected. It was a great feeling to “ski”‘down the steep north side, knowing we were over the biggest obstacle we may face.

after camping at Mazama Village, showering for first time in a week, doing laundry and gorging ourselves T a buffet counter ( twice) down below ww hikes up to rim Saturday. Sally, my wife, and Glenn’s wife Ann arriving soon with food and other supplies.

My nieces Molly and Carrie are joining us for four days , here to Windigo Pass. Because of expected heavy snow on the ground, we anticipate fewer miles per day this week and will end Segment 1 at Charlton Lake instead of Elk Lake. That’ll just mean more miles on our final segment Aug 26-sept. 9

Given cell and bAttery situation can’t promise Much in the way of updates for Week 2.

Notes: Amazing how few PCT hikers are on the trail; we’ve counted only 14. One, “Blood Bath,” zipped past us at 930’am having already done 13 miles. He wanted to get in 50 by darks … Met a guy just hours ago who is hiking with his college-aged daughter. Turns out we were in same dorm at UO 35 years ago. … Mosquitoes, nonexistent early on, are now thick. … We’re both sick of our food except for freeze- dried dinners. … Met 22 year old kid trailnamed Blaze Friday. Shoots for 30 a day and hopes to climb Mt Hood, Adams and Rainier en route to Canada.


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