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The Photo Gallery

From hiking to Yachats to baseball, a collection of images from my eyes

Pacific Crest Trail

Our Story

Brother-in-law Glenn Petersen on a "shakedown" hike prior to the PCT


High Sierra marker. These old signs work great but too many of the new-fangled markers are almost unintelligible.

I took this of two young and edgy hikers, enjoying a sunrise at the highest point in the Lower 48—14,505-foot Mt. Whitney, in California's High Sierras. 


Celebrating a 16.4-mile hike, much of it snow, on the shoulder of Mt. Thielsen in 2011. Camping at 6,200 feet.

IMG_1318 copy.JPG

Taking a break at Crater Lake, 2011, on my 452-mile trek across Oregon. The PCT doesn't technically go right by the lake but nearly all hikers swing wide to the east to catch the view.


The southern terminus, i.e., the Mexican border at about 5 a.m., in 2019.

Six generations (on my mom's side) have stayed at our family cabin on the coast since my grandfather bought it in 1936.


IMG_5020 2.JPG

Sally conducts the rare orchestra of not sea gulls but pelicans, which we might see only every few years.


Wind-sculpted scallops of sand at Agate Beach, just south of the Yaquina Lighthouse


Late afternoon sun illuminates the clouds after a winter storm.


Left, grandkids at sunset. Right, the view from atop Cape Perpetua, which I hike a few dozen times a year, never gets old.


No sailing this summer (2021)—time to get the PCT finished—but we've had some great memories at Fern Ridge Lake with At Last.

IMG_2053 2.HEIC

Top, my favorite photo of our boat at Cultus Lake's West End, during the smoke-shrouded first week of September. Above, left, Fourth of July fireworks at Fern Ridge, 2018. Above, right, At Last awaiting her being pulled for the last time in 2018. Below, son Jason with a leap into the deep. 


Wild card

A little of this and that.

IMG_0561 2.JPG

Top, grandson Lincoln before a game in Creswell, 2017. Middle, left, a little boy in Haiti, 2009, while I was volunteering on a Haiti Foundation of Hope mission. Above middle, Below, two winter hikers on Mary's Peak. Middle right, son Ryan and daughter-in-law celebrating success at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival with his new documentary, Alaskan Nets, which won the Audience Award. And, of course, the proud parents, Sally and Bob.

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