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"A triumph over adversity. Should be an inspiration to many."

     —Phil Knight, cofounder, Nike


"If only we could be as brave as Jim Bartko. 'Boy in the Mirror' is a testament to his unflinching courage."

     —Neil Everett, ESPN


On March 12, 2020, Jimmy Bartko, while in failing health, announced at a press conference in Oakland, California, that he was suing the Archdiocese of Oakland—and that he was releasing his new book, written with Bob Welch. Three days later he keeled over while working out and died the next day. 


"Boy in the Mirror" is the former University of Oregon associate athletic director unflinchingly honest story of his having been sexually abused by a priest as a child. It is, at the same time, a story of tragedy and triumph. Bartko had told nobody of the abuse for more than 40 years. When, in 2016, Bartko, then athletic director at Fresno State, went public with the story in a Fresno Bee story, his life took a jarring turning for better—and worse. "Boy in the Mirror" reminds us that those who live honestly bat last, even if, as in Bartko's case, his game ended far too soon. (Soft cover.)

Boy in the Mirror: An Athletic Director's Struggle to Survive Sexual Abuse ...

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