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"Welch escorts us through the trivial to the transfigured."

     —Kenny Moore, Olympian and former Sports Illustrated writer


"Welch's work is outstanding for what it is not: sensational, wordy, one-sided; and for what it is: unpretentious, clear and honest."

     —Dorcas Smuch, author and former Registe-Guard columnist


"My Oregon III" is a collection of 99 of the best columns Welch wrote for The Register-Guard from 2009 to 2015. Among them: Mac Court's final night, Letting go of summer, Hiking the John Muir Trail, Sea to Summit, Oregon's prettiest drives, Big Stump, A sailor's lament, Kesey's mom, Barbara Bowerman, The old soldiers, The birth of jogging, Symphony's first note, A bartender-turned-hero, Officer down, Shy Garrison Keillor, The Spandex Nun,  The ocean taketh, The patron saint of cats, Katy Perry in Junction City, Losing Dave Frohnmayer, Letters to my grandchildren, The $1,000 Christmas giveaway, Beating .01 percent of the Eugene Marathon field and Goodbye, Register-Guard. (Soft cover.)


My Oregon III: Final Collection of RG columns, 2009-2015

SKU: 9781512131703
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