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Bob Welch

Bestselling author
    Coming Summer 2023

Seven Summers (And a Few Bummers)
My Adventures on the 2,650-mile Pacific Crest Trail
    Just out:

Cross Purposes
One believer's struggle to reconcile the peace of Christ with the rage of the Far Right"
"It's rare to find a book on topics such as religion or politics that isn't motivated by us-vs.-them tribalism or political agenda, but Welch has found a way to bridge the divide to invite honest discussion and reflection in both areas.

"Whether you're a lifelong conservative who is praying for Trump to run in 2024, or a never-Trumper who would see that as the final trumpet being sounded prior to the apocalypse, you're sure to find the heartfelt and honest conversations from Welch's boots-on-the-ground approach to unpacking the changes in American Evangelicalism both helpful and thought-provoking."

— Belt of Truth Ministries
"Wonderful. Deeply researched, brilliantly written, and fearless."

—Faris Cassell, award-winning author of 'The Unanswered Letter'

"Bob Welch exemplifies the biblical wisdom of being quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger. His carefully researched, cool-headed, and balanced treatment of several controversial issues dominating our day helps to restore integrity and credibility to what it means to be a follower of Jesus. Welch’s gospel-centered wisdom is a great encouragement to me."

—Dr. Ben Cross, Lead Teaching Pastor, First Baptist Church, Eugene, Oregon

"Will speak to many hearts as it is meant to, not as an attack but as encouragement."

—Jane Kirkpatrick, New York Times Best-Selling Author

"For decades, I'd been quietly complicit. Then, in June 2016, I prayed a prayer that triggered a major refocusing of my faith. It was as if I'd assumed that wherever the motorcycle of faith ventured, the sidecard of 'Far Right' had to come along. I no longer believe that."
— From "Cross Purposes" by Bob Welch
In The Press
Making News
Saving My Enemy

Portland: KOIN TV's Jenny Hensson's 3-minute overview of the "Saving My Enemy story."

Astoria: In Don Malarkey's hometown, Mike Francis calls Welch's book "a story that brings a note of grace to perhaps the greatest tragedy of the 20th century."

Chicago: A 15-minute radio interview with AM 506 host Dan Proft about Welch's new book, "Saving My Enemy."

Jenny Hansson

Mike Francis

Dan Proft



Barbara Dellenbach


January 2022

News and Events
Wizard of Foz

Brian Bull


September 2018

Welch retires as
RG columnist

Eric Alan


December 2013

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BOB WELCH is the author of more than two dozen books, including "American Nightingale," an Oregon Book Award-finalist;  "The Wizard of Foz,"  Track & Field Writers of America's 2019 Book of the Year; and, his latest, "Saving My Enemy: How Two WWII Soldiers Fought Against Each Other and Later Forged a Friendship That Saved Their Lives."

Welch has spoken from coast to coast, inspiring audiences through 

people's he's written about: the magic of reconciliation; the pebble-in-the-water power of one individual with a heart for others; and the great things that happen when we dare to resist the pack and go our own ways.

As a columnist at "The Register-Guard" in Eugene, Oregon, he twice won National Society of Newspaper Columnist awards for the country's best column.for papers 100,000-circulation and below. 

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