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Day 1: The journey has begun

Today’s PCT Box Score

Date: July 22 Location: 12 miles north of Cal-Ore border, near Mt Ashland. Elev.: 5,883 ft. Weather: Sunny 75 Days on trail: 1 Days left to Elk Lake (end of Phase 1): 14 Miles hiked: 12 Avg. miles per day: 12.0 Miles to Elk Lake: 260 Spirits: (10=ecstatic, 1=ready to pin Dr. Dull to a tree with a trekking pole): 8. Only real downer was realizing that when I left the tent out thurs night after spraying with anti-mosquito concoction a cat sprayed it with another concoction. Did Lewis and Clark have to endure such humiliation? Also disappointed in cell coverage, which hasn’t been as good as PTC Verizon site suggests it should be. Body: (10=brimming with life, 1=what life?): 8. One small blister but wrapped with moleskin and I was GTG People we saw: 8. No Oregonians. 2 Aussies who started in Mexico, four from Colorado, one from Minnesota and one from (oh) Canada. All friendly. Gave apples to Ben and Kate, the Aussies in the midst of a 33-mile day, and I thought they were going to break into tears. Quote of the day: “Let’s face it, at any given moment some part of our bodies is going to be aching.” — Glenn Petersen, my hiking compadres and, I believe, the only man to ever compete a triathlon riding a bike with a child’s seat on back.

A great first day. Forest rangers told is we wouldn’t get closer than 12 miles of the border because of snow drifts on roads. Wrong. We got within 400 yards … Also were told mosquitoes were thick. I literally haven’t seen one. .. Only had a half day to hike yet we’re ahead of schedule. … Water filter worked great. …. I woke up this morning (sat) feeling rested and ready to go. It was 12:30 am. Oh, well.

Today while we were hiking beneath snow-rimmed Observation Peak a jet flew overhead and I thought: Pitu those people up there sipping their little 4-ounce drinks. If they’d flown first class they’d have larger drinks and more Leg room. But you can’t beat what@endowment here, the beauty and freedom and not knowing where the trail might take you.



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