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Monday on PCT

Monday, 2 pm. @ Big Lake Youth Camp. Have done 42 miles in two days and an evening, and will try for 6 more tonight.

Spotty cell coverage thus far but am using the Spot Connect satellite with solar-powered iPhone to give 41-character msgs and our location. They’re on the Twitter feed.

Spent Sunday night at Lava Camp where a “trail angel” had a nice setup for PCTers, including s’mores. (Yeah, baby!) Other hikers from Georgia, New Hampshire, Australia and Germany. Glenn wowed them with magic tricks and funny face contortions.

The big news today is Glenn, my hiking partner, learned — in the lava near Dee Wright Observatory — that he’s a first-time grandfather. Daughter Katie had a little boy in LA.

While hiking in the lava above Dee Wright, it was cool going by the junction to Little Belknap because that’s where, 12 years ago this month, I met thru-hiker Laura Buhl, who planted the seed that I could do a variation of this someday.

We were concerned that a fire we saw Sunday might close the PCT but even though it is within 2 miles of here trail still open.

We will hit the 300-mile mark tonight as we head north of Highway 20 toward Mt Jefferson. I’m battling some blisters, but our stop here at Big Lake,’including a shower, has fired me up. Onward.




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