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PCT Day 12

Date: Aug. 2 Location: Summit Lake, north side of Diamond Peak. Elev. 5,553 ft. Days hiked: 12 Days left on first segment: 4 Miles hiked today: 18 Miles hiked total: 194 Avg. Per day. 16.2 Percent of journey completed: 38.9

There are really three enemies to hiking the Oregon portion of the Pacific Crest Trail: the trail, fatigue and Mosquitos. We felt we’d dodged a bullet the first few days but ever since Fish Lake between Medford and Klamath Falls the bugs have been like black fog. In my 57 years as an Oregonian I’ve never seen them this bad.

I’m theorizing that that and the record snow is keeping people out of the mountains. Hikers seen between Crater Lake and Summit Lake: zip. Campers here at Summit Lake: three or four parties.

My buddy, Glen Petersen, rejoined me here. His wife Ann brought taco salads for us and Roadrunner and Cisco, CAlifornians whom we’re joining forces with for the final four-day push to Elk Lake to complete our first of two phases to walk the length of Oregon. Tomorrow’s goal: 20 miles to O’Dell Lake.


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