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PCT Day 13: Home to Lane County

Date: Aug. 3 Location: Upper Rosary Lake, north of Odell Lake off Highway 58. Elev. 5,850 ft. Days hiked: 13 Days left on first segment: 2 Miles hiked today: 22 Miles hiked total: 216 Avg. Per day. 16.4 Percent of journey completed: 43.4%

Worn to the bone tonight after 25 miles (counting getting to and from Shady Cove Resort at Odell Lake and back on trail), the final three uphill to Rosary Lakes. But first day in a week without significant trail snow.

Beautiful trail from Summit Lake (see photo). Lots of crystal clear streams and great views of Diamond Peak. Lunch-time swim in Diamond View Lake. Felt great and I stink a little less.

Still hiking with Cisco, 60, and Roadrunner, 53, a couple who have been on the trail for seven weeks. Mucho fun.

So much progress we’re hoping to get to Elk Lake, our midway destination, Friday night instead of Saturday. Miss The Fam! Meanwhile, great to be back in Lane County.





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