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PCT Day 3: long way to water

Today’s PCT Box Score

Date: Location: Elev.: Weather: 85 sunny Days on trail: 3 Days left to Elk Lake (end of Phase 1): 13 Miles hiked: 49 Avg. miles per day: 16.3 Miles to Elk Lake: 209 Spirits: (10=ecstatic, 1=ready to pin Dr. Dull to a tree with a trekking pole): 6 Body: (10=brimming with life, 1=what life?): 7

Day started great — hikers special breakfast at Callahans with the two Aussies, Ben and Kate, then spiraled down at day’s end. B & K started in Mexico so hiking with them is like being chosen to be one of the kids who gets to run out with a Eugene Emeralds player: you’re on the same field Nd wearing a similar uniform but there’s a world Of difference between the two. These guys are gutfighting minimalists: crossed the Sierras with no gps, no ice axe and no crampons,’though ben tried roof nails through his cross trainers.

We planned on 18 miles but it turned into 22 when the promised faucet was nowhere to be seen. We arrived at a creek at dark after 12 hours on the trail. Exhausted but glad to be here.



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