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PCT day 4: Downer

PCT Box Score

Date: Monday, July 25 Location: Griffin Pass, south of Mt. Mcgloughlin Elev.: 5800 ft. Weather: Sunny high 80 Days on trail: 4 Days left to Elk Lake (end of Phase 1): 12 Miles hiked: 64 Avg. miles per day: 16 Miles to Elk Lake: 195 Spirits: (10=ecstatic, 1=ready to pin Dr. Dull to a tree with a trekking pole): 5 Body: (10=brimming with life, 1=what life?): 8

First, my apologies for leaving out such minor details yesterday as, oh, where we were. I’m finding sending updates a bit harder than expected between. (a) keeping my iPhone charged with a solar Battery charger that my bros. in law hangs from his pack; (b) being in Verizon cell range so I can send: (c) having the energy to move my fingers; and (d) having the ability to type on this microscopic keyboard, the equivalent, I suppose, of a dentist doing a root canal on a squirrel. So, if my posts are More a spewing of observations than well-themed stories, perhaps you’ll understand.

Today was my first down day. Did a 15-mile grind from Hyatt Lake north to Griffin Pass. Think we both suffered from Sunday’s (not planned) 22 miles.

Though no dew on two previous nights we awoke soaked. I realized I’d set up my bag on horse dung. And our water filter — brand new — isn’t working. What’s more, because we picked up food shipments at Hyatt Lake our light packs are suddenly heavy Vain. Glenn’s feet are already pretty well blistered, though he complains less than any human being alive. (That’s why he partnered with me; I compensate for his assets.)

We get along well and are planning on a 6 am start for either 22 miles or 10 miles, depending on how we feel. Each day’s hike is dependent on where you can camp next to water.

Notes: The country we’ve been hiking reminds me of Central Oregon: pines, buttons great forest smells. .. Saw only three other PCT bikers today. Only one of 15 we’ve seen are from Oregon … Warm days cold nights





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