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Wanna help sell books?

Occasionally someone will say: “How can I help sell your books?” I used to feel self-conscious asking people to do so, but then a woman told me, “No, I really want to help. I just don’t where to begin.”

OK, so, here’s what you can do if you’re so inclined:

— If you want autographed books for yourself or presents for others, come to an event or buy them right here online. You can go to the Contact link and tell me if you’d like the books personally autographed to anyone.

—If you’ve read my new books 52 Little Lessons from It’s a Wonderful Life or Resolve — and enjoyed them, feel free to add a short review to each book’s or or other such sites. Cascade Summer will not be on amazon. until 2013.

—If you blog, please blog about the books. If you Tweet, say tweet things to all your followers about the books. If you hang out on Facebook, share your enthusiasm there — short and sweet, of course. “Like” my Pebble in the Water Inspiration fan page. If you don’t follow me on Twitter but want to, I’m @bob_welch.

— If you’re part of organizations that need speakers — national, regional, state or local — please recommend me. Check out a short video sample of me speaking. I love helping groups further their causes by telling stories from my books that fit their themes.

— If you travel, take a copy of Cascade Summer with you and photograph it in relation to some scene that clearly shows you ain’t in Kansas (or Eugene, Oregon) anymore and send me a JPG of it. (Thus far, the farthest-away it’s gotten for a photo is San Diego.) If I publish the photo on Facebook and you give me a mailing address, I’ll see to it that you get an autographed copy of American Nightingale, Pebble in the Water and My Oregon II for your efforts.

— Finally, tell others. Word of mouth may still be the best way to sell books. So feel free to mouth off about my books.

Remember, this isn’t “do-this-or-else stuff.” But if you’d like to help, sure, I need all the help I can get. Thank you!

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